Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Quickly converting AndEngine examples to Scala

If you are anxious to get your first AndEngine application running on Scala but your Scala is a little rusty or you are just taking your first steps with Scala, Intellij IDEA offers a nice little feature.
After you have created a base project for yourself with all the necessities (Scala, Android and AndEngine), you can first:
  • import one of the AndEngine examples (written in java) to your project,
  • select the contents of the file,
  • create a new Scala class and
  • paste the contents you copied earlier to that file.
Here comes the nice surprise, you are greeted with the following popup:
Well damn right I do! The end result sure isn’t the beautiful functional programming you want to achieve, and it does need some minor adjusting but it sure is a fast way to kick start your AndEngine experience with Scala.

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